Current projects

Our main axes of focus are:

  • What can be gained today from historical approaches to cultural production in multilingual societies with particular concentration on the Mediterranean area in colonial context and Paris as a place of choice for literary and intellectual publication?
  • Where do we go to capture the expression of our time, this time of generalized displacement and surplus labour: to popular, hybrid forms of expression (bande dessinée, video art, street dance, slam poetry), or poems, narratives?

How can the capture and engagement with these plural forms of expression contribute to our understanding of the difficulties societies face today in enabling future-oriented thinking for both their sedentary and mobile citizens?

Plural Cultures – Plural Spaces: Franco-British Comparative Perspectives on the Institute for Islamic Cultures (Paris) / Cultures plurielles – Espaces pluriels : Perspectives franco-britanniques sur l’Institut des Cultures d’Islam à Paris.
This project is being developed by Anna-Louise Milne and Isabel Hollis (Queen’s University Belfast) in partnership with the Institute for Islamic Cultures. It is funded by a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant.
See details for associated individual research projects:
Kate Averis
Anna-Louise Milne
Charlotte Chopin
Catriona MacLeod


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