Seminar Series 2016-17

Politics of Translation – Translation of Cultures

American University of Paris – University of Kent, Paris – University of London in Paris – Columbia University

Continuing the work of last year, this seminar series remains interested in exploring work that might help us answer some of these questions and their spin-offs:

  • What are the spaces of translation today, and how do they function?
  • What are the temporalities of translations and how has that changed?
  • What in translation is irreducible to a politics of translation?
  • Is translation excessive?
  • What is the vitality of translation?

Papers will be delivered in English. They are open to the public, if you have any questions about access, please write to

Please click here to view our past seminars – Academic Year 2015-2016

AUTUMN SESSIONS – Upcoming events


  • Thursday 15 September – AUP, 6.30pm
Emeute/Grève: The Language of Riot
Joshua Clover, University of California, Davis
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  • Friday 23 September – ULIP, 6.00pm
Under the pavés of Parisian History
Anna-Louise Milne, University of London Institute in Paris
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  • Thursday 20 October – Reid Hall, 6.30pm
On his recent collection of poems Through, which includes five extended texts addressing the ways in which contemporary public language has been rendered officially hostile.
David Herd, University of Kent
  • Thursday 10 November – AUP, 6.30pm
On Hannah Arendt and refugee rights
Lyndsey Stonebridge, University of East Anglia
  • Thursday 17 November – ULIP, 6.30pm
“Worlding the Universal” on translation and internationalism in the cultural movement surrounding the Paris Commune and its afterlives
Kristin Ross, New York University

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